4 Reasons why Organic Produce is Better for Your Baby news

4 Reasons why Organic Produce is Better for Your Baby

People all over the world are now realising how their lifestyles have not only caused damage to the environment but also to their own bodies. They have started taking mitigative measures to protect the environment by adopting green lifestyles in relation to travel, waste disposal, energy consumption etc.

In relation to food habits also people are returning to the way their ancestors used to eat by adopting the concept of buy local and eat local, organic food is an important aspect of this transformation due to the fact that it is grown locally and without the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides. Studies have also shown a significant improvement (within a short time frame ) in the health of adults and kids who have made a shift to organic produce making these positive changes have resulted in a significant improvement in the health of adults and kids. These positive changes in people show how making a conscious shift to healthy eating does make a difference. This is definitely one of the many reasons why you should introduce your baby as early on in life as possible to an organic diet.  Let us take a more detailed look at these reasons.


  1. Free of Pesticide Residue

    A small percentage of the toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional farming to protect the produce actually end up seeping into the produce (fruits and vegetables), so purees you prepare for your baby using this produce (even after washing) will still contain residues of these toxins. Your baby’s digestive and immune system is still in the development stage making them more susceptible to these toxins which when they enter your baby’s vulnerable body end up causing numerous long term health and development issues.

    Organic farming on the other hand avoids the use of pesticides and instead uses natural methods like crop rotation to preserve soil fertility. Therefore you can rest assured that feeding your baby purees made out of organic produce will not expose them to toxic chemicals. 

  1. Retains More Nutrients

    In addition to being free of toxic chemicals, organic produce also retain more of their inherent nutrients in comparison to conventional produce. This means that your baby gets to enjoy all the health benefits of the nutrient goodness present in the organic fruits and vegetables without being exposed to any of the harmful chemical side effects (present in conventional produce).  

  1. Don’t judge the book by its cover 

    This saying holds so true here due to the fact that even though organic produce does not have added preservatives to keep them looking picture perfect for longer actually means that you can be assured that what you are buying is fresh from the farm. When it comes to taste the natural freshness and nutrient rich content of organic produce tends to make it taste so much better than conventional produce. Therefore getting your baby started off on organic produce will ensure they grow up enjoying the taste of natural goodness and continue to maintain their healthy lifestyle even as adults. 

  1. Sustains the Environment

    Degradation of the environment due to soil erosion, pollution of water bodies etc is a result of conventional farming methods. Organic farming on the other hand uses natural farming methods which were used by our ancestors since ancient times like crop rotation, animal manure etc. In this way organic farming helps maintain the delicate ecological balance and conserve the biodiversity of the planet. By getting your baby started on an organic diet you also play your part in ensuring that the next generation inherit and continue to safeguard a greener and cleaner planet. 

    These benefits accruing from using organic produce are definitely reason enough to get your baby started on it thereby ensuring both their and the planet’s wellbeing.


Manish Jain


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