5 Organic Summer Fruits That Will Keep You Hydrated and Healthy news

5 Organic Summer Fruits That Will Keep You Hydrated and Healthy

Summer is upon us and with it comes scorching hot days followed by balmy evenings when people venture outside hoping to catch what cooling breeze there is. Days where the heat and humidity drain essential water and salts from the body, increasing the risk of dehydration and other heat related ailments.

On the bright side summer also brings with it an abundance of juicy fruits with naturally high water and nutrient content that act as natural thirst quenchers. Make maximum use of these seasonal fruits to replenish the lost fluids and build the body’s immunity to numerous ailments. Going for the organic version of these fruits means you get to enjoy all the natural goodness without the harmful effects of pesticides.  So let us go ahead and take a look at 5 of these organic summer fruits and the numerous benefits they bring.

  1. Mangoes:

    This sweet juicy fruit is so delicious that it makes you forget that it actually packs in a whole lot of goodness.  Mangoes are a rich source of nutrients like Vitamins A, B6 and C, Iron and Magnesium to name just a few. Organic mangoes offer the additional advantage of not being artificially ripened by dangerous chemicals like calcium carbide (which pose a serious health hazard).

    In addition to enjoying the fruit as a whole, mangoes can also be used to create summer favourites like aam panna, aam ras, chutneys, pickles, chunda, murabba, ice cream, lassi, shakes etc. In many states in India mangoes are also added to a number of cooked dishes. A lot of people are actually willing to put up with the heat and dust of summer, just because it heralds the arrival of their favourite fruit – mangoes. It is no small wonder then that it is known as the ‘King of Fruits’ right!

  2. Watermelons:

    Did you know that watermelons are categorised as both a vegetable and a fruit? Having a water content of 92% watermelons are also packed with nutrients like Vitamins A, B6 and C, Potassium and Lycopene (again to name just a few).  The high water content makes watermelons an excellent low calorie thirst quencher. Of the nutrients Lycopene deserves a special mention as watermelons are an excellent source of this power packed antioxidant, which works to prevent heart diseases and certain types of cancer.   

    Eating pieces of watermelon cut with the rind or gulping down a glass of freshly squeezed juice (stay off the sugar if you want to enjoy the low calorie benefit) are the ways you can enjoy this summertime treat.

  3. Muskmelons:

    Another refreshingly sweet summertime fruit which is rich in nutrients like Vitamins A and C, Proteins, Folate, Potassium and more. The fact that it has a water content of 90% makes it another excellent low calorie thirst quencher.
    Muskmelons can also be enjoyed in the same way as watermelons. In addition these two fruits add colour and flavour to any summertime salad.

  4. Grapes:

    How many times have you stretched out your hand to pick up a bunch of luscious looking grapes on the supermarket shelf only to withdraw it thinking about the pesticides? Well, organic grapes offer you all the goodness sans the pesticides. So go ahead and get that bunch of organic grapes which come loaded with Vitamins C and K, Potassium, antioxidants like resveratrol etc. These work to prevent heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, eye diseases and many other ailments.
     water content of 82% plus the bite sized shape of grapes make it an excellent low calorie snack item.

  5. Pineapples:

    Besides being a rich source of Vitamins B, B6 and C, Potassium, Calcium, antioxidants like Flavonoids, enzymes like Bromelain among others, this fruit also packs in a lot of juicy flavour apt for the summer heat. Bromelain aides in the digestion process while its anti-inflammatory properties help in the healing of wounds. The other vitamins and minerals found in pineapples help strengthen the immune system and bones while also preventing the onset of numerous diseases.  

    Another low calorie summertime snack, pineapples are also used in making cakes, ice-creams, tarts and other delicious dessert items (though it definitely loses its low calorie benefit here).

So go on and enjoy the bounty of these organic fresh summer fruits in the way nature meant them to be enjoyed fresh, pesticide free and full of natural goodness. So this summer stay safe and stay hydrated.


Manish Jain


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