5 simple switches to start your organic journey news

5 simple switches to start your organic journey

People take up an organic lifestyle due to different reasons. Health, environment, or even to lend support to local farmers and produce; whatever be the reason, more and more people are embracing an organic way of living. Many though still believe, an organic lifestyle is nothing more than just a status symbol, especially because it’s not as affordable as the inorganic choices.

Lately growing awareness on health and climate change has been the turning point for many and going organic is being considered the ideal choice, even if it does spike the monthly budget.

If you’re at the fence, here are 5 simple and friendly switches to an organic journey:

  1. Food: Let’s begin with something as basic as food.  Organic food is what our grandparents and great grandparents used to eat; so it’s safe to say that eating organic is not a trend but, in fact, a tradition. This tradition died along with the birth of modernisation. 

    Organic farming involves growing the right crops in the right soil, using manure like cow dung as fertilisers and practicing traditional crop rotation techniques. Modern farming is based on the idea of mass production which has led to the increased use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

    Local farmers don’t get enough financial support and have resigned to growing commercial crops. This causes mandis to get produce from neighbouring states which increases dependency on preservatives.

    The first switch one needs to makes towards an organic journey is buy  produce from local farmers who practice sustainable farming. You’ll be assured of fresh, healthy and completely natural produce which keeps you and the soil healthy. Consciously make the decision to check out online and physical stores that sell organic produce.

    Remember every time you choose an organic vegetable or fruit, you’re choosing chemical-free, natural and pure!

  2. Desi doodh and Desi ghee: Like every Indian family your day cannot begin without the nourishment of milk. Why don’t you make this beginning a natural one with Desi doodh got from Desi cows. Again, in order to appease a growing population, Jersey cows that are over-fed and hormone induced dominate the dairy industry today. If you want to sleep soundly knowing that your children are drinking safe, healthy & hormone-free milk, try organic milk got from indian cow breeds that feed and breed completely naturally. Organic milk is naturally rich in A2 protein, which improves immunity, has a cooling effect and is great for digestion. In fact, organic milk can be consumed by lactose intolerant people. And of course, apart from achieving better health, you’ll be giving desi cows a new lease of life. 

  3. Household: Once your kitchen is chemical-free you can shift your attention to other areas of the home. Your cleaning process can be as natural as you want it to. In detergents, all purpose cleaners and fresheners, natural oils, plants and herbs are beings used by organic brands to give your home the freshness of nature, without compromising on antibacterial effects. The cleaning power of peels, leaves , ashes, charcoal all packaged into fresh and preservative-free products are great alternatives to chemical products. 

  4. Skin & Hair Care: Give your skin and hair routine a natural spin. Relieve the good old times when your grandma used to use Shikakai or curds for long healthy and soft hair or when she used to indulge in the natural goodness of eucalyptus or almond oil. Birth and death is natural, why shouldn’t living and looking be natural too? Synthetic and chemical products alter the natural constitution of our skin and hair to a great extent. You can look your best without compromising on the body that nature has blessed you with.  The coolness effect of cleansing clay, the moisturising effect of aloe vera, the natural fragrance of hibiscus or the antibacterial prowess of Neem all come together in the form of some of the world’s best organic beauty products customised for every skin and hair type.

  5. Chemical Free Habits: The biggest switch you can make is in your mind. Every choice you make during the day can impact your health and the environment. Start becoming aware of some non-eco-friendly habits in your lifestyle. If you’re lifestyle is not eco-friendly you still have a long way to go when it comes to going completely organic. Right from using water and electricity sparingly to denouncing plastic, and carpooling to work, you can make a big difference by making a small change. An organic lifestyle supports natural health and a chemical-free world. It might be a difficult transition especially when easy ways are dime-a-dozen.Someone famous once said ‘the difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter.’

 Move on to a healthier, happier life. Move on to organic!


Manish Jain


For Over 9+ Years in the industry now we have been obsessed with bringing discovery innovation and adventure to only organic food. For the same reason we have combined our Organic Product Expertise and Knowledge of Farming Methods to bring you a Fresh, Healthy & Tasty range of Organic Products like - Fruits, Vegetables, Desi A2 Milk, Snacks, Groceries, Masalas/Spices, Ready to Eats, Cosmetics & Many More. Our very simple and ample truth is that each and every food been consumed by humans needs to be Organic. We also advocate that particular edible to be certified, authentic , absolutely organic . As we believe only in Ethical Organic & Sustainable farming process to bring a beam on your face.