7 Healthy Organic Snacks to Munch on While you Work From Home news

7 Healthy Organic Snacks to Munch on While you Work From Home

Work from home has been a boon to many, as it means less time commuting, flexible hours, and the leisure to binge on Netflix. However, the lack of outdoor activities has led to a lot of nibbling on snacks and the subsequent widening of waistlines. That doesn’t mean you gotta stop snacking though, just switch to some healthier options. Try some healthy, organic snacks to munch on and get some good nutrients in while you munch. Here are some great organic snacks to try the next time you feel those hunger pangs hit!

Pure & Sure Organic Palak Chakli

Who said chakli couldn’t be a healthy snack? Pure & Sure’s deliciosu organic palak chakli is free from preservatives, cholestrol, and trans-fat. All the ingredients in this chakli are completely organic, and yes, it does contain real spinach! Every single raw ingredient is natural and organic, so you don’t have to feel bad when you demolish the whole packet!

24 Mantra Peanut Jaggery Chikki

Craving something sweet? Try 24 Mantra Peanut Jaggery Chikki; apart from being completely organic, you’ll also be cutting down on the white sugar you consume. This organic chikki doesn’t have any added preservatives, and is completely natural. The perfect snack if you need a little energy before your workout, or if you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth after meals. 

Pure & Sure Organic Kodbale

The perfect tea-time (or anytime) treat, enjoy munching on organic kodbale. Once you’ve started, you won’t be able to put the packet down. Made with the finished organic ingredients sourced from certified organic farms across india, Pure & Sure organic kodbale has zero cholesterol, so enjoy this organic treat with your chai next time around. 

Nutty Yogi Lime & Lemony Chana

Fried chana is addictive, even if it does contain quite a few calories. However, Nutty Yogi Lime & Lemony Chana has all the yum, and none of the guilt fried grams bring. A great alternative to junk food when you feel like snacking, this roasted organic chana has high fibre, is rich in vitamins, and protein. 

Pure & Sure Organic Nippat

Treat yourself to some lip-smacking organic nippat whenever you’re looking for a spicy, crispy treat. Made with 100% certified organic ingredients, Pure & Sure Organic Nippat doesn’t contain any trans-fats or cholesterol, so you won’t feel the calories pinching after eating this nippat for a snack!

Nutty Yogi Sour Cream & Onion Makhana

Everyone loves makhana, plain, flavored or spicy, you can’t resist popping a few in your mouth! Nutty Yogi Sour Cream & Onion Makhana is baked not fried, and doesn’t contain any oil. A fun twist on a desi classic, this organic makhana makes for a yummilicious substitute, sans the calories!

Nourish Organics Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Cookies often get a bad rap, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made in a healthy way. If cookies are your weakness, try Nourish Organics Chocolate Coconut Cookies! Made up of healthy Cocoa, Coconut, Oats, Cashews and Cranberries, these organic cookies are chock-a-block full of wholesome plant fibre, protein and antioxidants while coconut and cocoa make these cookies rich and texture-filled. 

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