Easy ways you can practice mindful eating news

Easy ways you can practice mindful eating

Most of the time, you remember what you ate in your last meal. But you don’t remember how or what you felt while eating it. 

This lack of awareness and mindless eating is the key factor that contributes to the global obesity index. It also aggravates diseases like indigestion, abdominal reflux, and cholesterol.

But when you eat mindfully, you’ll automatically know what and how much your body needs.

In simple words, mindful eating is a form of meditation of being in the moment and eating your food with complete awareness and expressing gratitude.

How you eat is more important than what you eat. Because when you eat mindfully and with full mind-body awareness, you’ll start listening to your body and eat what’s best for you. 

Here are a few habits you can start with to practice mindful eating-

Mindful Eating Habits you should cultivate-

  • Choose the food based on your body’s signals. If you’re feeling hot from the inside, it’s best to avoid hot spicy food that could aggravate your temperature.
  • Take a moment to acknowledge everything in your plate. Take a few deep breaths and slowly start eating.
  • Understand your hunger. Most of the time you eat because your brain is asking you to eat or it’s time. In mindful eating, you listen to the signals of your body and decide if you’re really hungry.
  • Bring all your senses to work while you eat. Appreciate the texture, aroma, look, taste and sound of the food.
  • Express gratitude to every person and process involved in getting the food to your plate.
  • While eating, eat. Avoid reading, watching TV or talking.
  • Eat at a moderate pace.
  • Remember, ⅓ rd of the stomach should have food, ⅓ rd should have water and the remaining ⅓ rd should be empty.
  • Consider the intake of Organic Triphala which soothes not just your stomach but also the mind to help it eat mindfully.
  • Try the pumpkin seeds experiment as a starter to incorporate mindful eating. Once you learn how to mindfully eat a pumpkin seed you’ll know about all the feelings that you need to look out for in daily mindful eating.
  1. Hold a single pumpkin seed
  2. See, touch, smell and feel it
  3. Now, with full awareness, taste it
  4. Slowly chew it along with a few deep breaths

In the end, remember that your body knows everything. All you have to do is listen to it and then decide what should be eaten.

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