Facts and Myths of Organic Milk and Dairy Products news

Facts and Myths of Organic Milk and Dairy Products

Plant-based milks and other ‘dairy’ products have taken the world by a storm these days. Although it’s great for lactose intolerant, and vegans to have more options, dairy products have been getting a bit of a bad rap because of this. With so many myths and misconceptions floating around about organic milk and dairy products, many people could be missing out on the health and nutritional benefits it provides. Read on to uncover what ‘facts’ could be myths and vice versa!

Organic Milk vs Regular Milk

Are you wondering what the difference between organic and regular milk is? Some people have the misconception that organic milk is more nutritious than regular milk, however, that’s not the case. What is true, is that organic milk comes from cows and buffalos who only eat organic feed. This means that you won’t get any secondhand chemicals or fertilizers in your milk. There’s an important saying, you are what you eat, and the same goes for the quality of feed bovines eat too!

Raw Milk is Healthier than Pasteurised Milk 

Unfortunately, this is a myth. Raw milk is in no way more nutritious or healthier than pasteurised milk. In fact, the opposite could be true. Consuming raw milk could put you at the risk of contracting deadly bacteria like E Coli, or Salmonella. It’s always best to boil your milk before drinking, especially if it isn’t pasteurised. 

Lactose Intolerance 

Lactose Intolerance has become a cause of concern amongst many. Once people find they are lactose intolerant, they completely cut any milk or dairy products out of their diet. This may deprive them of crucial nutrients their body needs, leading to osteoporosis, and compromised bone density.

It’s important to check with your doctor or nutritionist if you suspect you are lactose intolerant. Instead of removing all dairy products from your diet, they can work to find your threshold, so you can still consume dairy, albeit in smaller portions, along with products which are low in lactose. 

Soy Milk vs. Organic Milk

When looking for a plant-based substitute for milk, it’s important to ensure that the nutritional value is around the same. While soy milk offers up around the same fat, and protein content as organic milk, it falls short when it comes to its calcium content. Additionally, soy milk doesn’t have the same levels of vitamin D, phosphorus (Ph), potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg) that organic milk does, which means it should be supplemented with vitamins and calcium if you are to use it as a substitute for milk. 

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