How Organic Farming Builds Healthy Soil news

How Organic Farming Builds Healthy Soil

Organic farming certainly has its benefits. Apart from giving you a world of health thanks to its lack of chemicals and pesticides, it can also really help the environment. Buying organic fruits and vegetables can set off a chain reaction of positives that reach you, farmers, and even the Earth. 

But how exactly does organic farming help rejuvenate the earth? The answer lies in the ground—literally! Read on to find out how shopping organic can help build healthy soil, and strengthen the foundation of our food chain.

Organic Matters

Farmers who use organic methods of farming like adding compost, using cover crops and mulches, and limited tillage keep and increase organic matter in soil. Soils rich in organic matter hold more air and water, and also produce a higher return than those low in organic matter. 

Analysis by the National Soil Project found that organic farming methods had 8.33% organic matter, while conventional methods had only 7.37%.

Locks in Nitrogen

Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are two potentially harmful greenhouse gases. Fortunately for us, it’s not all escaping into the atmosphere because organic farming is here to save the day. A USDA study found that strip-tilling plots lost less nitrogen than other plots. This is helpful because locking the nitrogen in the soil helps farmers, as it acts as a nutrient for crops. 

Soil Organisms 

Having a healthy population of soil microorganisms can really boost soil health - even if it does sound a bit icky. Research conducted in the Netherlands showed that soils from organic farms had a larger and more diverse population of helpful soil organisms. This means the soil has more nutrients, and water availability, both good things. 


Did you know that organic matter is full of carbon? Healthy soils need high organic matter and vis a vis carbon. Conventionally farmed soil had only 2.85% versus 4.1%, if compared to organic farming practices. As a plus, it captures all that carbon from floating around dangerously!

Minerals are Important

Using certain organic farming methods can help increase Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Don’t be daunted by the name, because it’s amazing for soil thanks to its increased colonization and enhanced mineral availability.

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