How To Make Sure You Are Buying Organic Products From Organically Certified Companies? news

How To Make Sure You Are Buying Organic Products From Organically Certified Companies?

You’ve taken the significant step of switching to organic, for yourself, your family and the world. Congratulations! To make sure that your switch doesn’t go in vain, you have to ensure you purchase actual organic products and not fake ones. How would you do that? Simple. Look for the following organic certificates:

Large scale and small scale farmers who’ve taken up organic farming get their produce certified by some of the above agencies. These certifications assure the customer of actual organic products and also help farmers get a premium on their returns.

In India, the National Program of Organic Production(NPOP) certifies organic companies based on the following guidelines:

  1. Conversion of land for Organic Farming must be done.
  2. All resources used in the farm, right from seeds to fertilisers, should be natural.
  3. No Genetically Modified inputs or Irradiation technology should be used.
  4. Integrity of all processes (physical, biological, mechanical) must be maintained at all times.
  5. Contamination from nearby farms or other means must not be present.
  6. Sustainable farming practices must be followed.

Organic certification in India is issued by testing centers accredited by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), a regulatory body under the NPOP.

India Organic by NPOP of India: In 2006, NPOP’s certification was granted equivalence with the European Union and was recognised by the USDA(NOP of USDA).

European Union Organic and USDA Organic: It’s common to see these certifications on Indian products, as many of them are exported to the US and European countries. These logos on them signify that they are qualified as per norms and guidelines set by the organic certification boards of those countries.

The USDA is one of the most comprehensive and demanding organic certification bodies and is known to cover detailed monitoring and control measures.

The EU organic certification is equally strong and you can be assured that any product that possesses its logo, has at least 95% of its ingredients organically produced.

Some other certifications you may see on Organically Certified Companies

Ethical Accountable Reliable Trustworthy Holistic Socially, Environmentally and Economically Responsible-A new standard that requires companies to have a strong sustainable commitment which would ensure the well-being of the Earth and its various ecosystems.

Jaivik Bharat:

The APEDA, FSSAI(Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) and PGS-India (Participatory Guarantee System of India) together offer this certification for organic products in India. The logo communicates adherence to the National Organic Standards. 

Control Union: Control Union Certifications World Group is an internationally recognised certification organisation that inspects and certifies sustainable agricultural, processing and production methods. It certifies that the raw ingredients used in the product are cultivated through organic cultivation and are processed using organic methods.

Cosmos by ECOCERT: ECOCERT is a globally renowned certification body that focuses on organic agricultural and cosmetic products. This certification signifies that the company follows a clean manufacturing process, respects biodiversity, practices green chemistry and maintains transparency with consumers.

Soil Association: This UK based organic certification agency certifies over 4500 farms around the world and is one of the most recognised organic certificates in the UK today.

So, dear organic lovers make sure you buy products only from organically certified companies, so that you and your family are assured of healthy, 100% natural living.


Manish Jain


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