How to Ripen Mangoes: The Organic Way! news

How to Ripen Mangoes: The Organic Way!

Rightfully known as the ‘King of Fruits’ ??, mangoes have been cultivated and eaten in India for centuries. This sweet juicy fruit is so delicious that it makes you forget that it actually packs in a whole lot of goodness. Mangoes are a rich source of nutrients like Vitamins A, B6 and C, Iron and Magnesium to name just a few. 

Nowadays there has been a lot of discussion on the need to shift to organically ripened mangoes. To truly understand why this nutrient packed fruit needs to be ripened the natural way we need to start by looking at the ripening process used since ancient times. 

Ripening Process Used Since Ancient Times

Since ancient times mango cultivation was carried out using natural manure and the fruits were plucked from the tree just before they fully ripened.  They were then stored in stacks of hay till they ripened naturally. This process ensured the fruit retained all its natural sweetness and nutrient content. 

Artificial Ripening

Post independence a major problem that cropped up was the artificial ripening of mangoes using a banned chemical compound known as calcium carbide (containing toxic chemicals like arsenic and phosphorus). Used by middlemen to hasten the ripening process, this compound is a known health hazard for humans.  As a result mangoes which were supposed to be a source of nutrients for the body ended up being a source of potential ailments. 

Nowadays however people are waking up to the harmful effects of chemical ripening and are choosing to move away from conventionally grown mangoes to organically grown and ripened mangoes.

Organically Ripened Mangoes

In organic farms, mangoes are plucked at the right moment when they are still slightly unripe. They are then naturally ripened by covering them with hay or by wrapping them in paper/jute bags or even newspapers. When mangoes are covered in these ways it starts emitting ethylene, which is an odourless gas that helps to naturally quicken the ripening process.  

Hence by returning to the age-old proven process of ripening using hay (in addition to the newer safe options like paper), organic farming ensures that mangoes do not undergo harmful chemical processes which cause more harm than good.

Organically ripened mangoes retain all their natural sweetness and juiciness along with all the inherent nutrient goodness. Thus opting for the organic version ensures we get to enjoy the taste and health benefits of this amazing fruit in just the way nature meant us to. 

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