How To Stay On An Organic Diet While Travelling news

How To Stay On An Organic Diet While Travelling

Enjoying the benefits of an all-organic diet?
What about when you’re out vacationing? 
How do you stay organic while you satisfy your wanderlust?

Here are some tips that’ll help you:


  1. Find out about the local organic market :
    While you pour over the internet for the ‘What to visit while in…”, squeeze in some time to find out where the local organic stores or eateries are located. Check out menus of nearby cafes and restaurants to understand the options they offer for organic food lovers. If you’re part of an organic group or travel group online, share a post that says you’re looking for organic stores or eateries in so and so place, you’ll receive some options.

  2. Stock up on dry fruits and organic ready-to-eats:
    If you’re out on a short trip you can pack some fruit and veggies, but if it’s a long trip some ready-to-eats must find their way into your bags. For eg Chia Seeds: you can enjoy a protein-packed meal with chia seeds, all you need is water.

    Dry fruits and other munchies like Goji berries make for great snacks.

    Especially for trekkers and campers ready-to-eats are a god-send!

    Dry goods and snacks like trail mix, jerky, cereals and snack bars are also easy to carry and pack in purses and backpacks. 

  3. Cook your own organic food:
    This is budget friendly and plus you get to eat home-cooked healthy food. So, once you reach your destination, find out about local organic farmers’ markets near you. Quick and easy dishes like organic soups and salads are filling and won’t take much time out of your travel and relaxation time.

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