How to Store Spices and Masalas During Monsoon Season news

How to Store Spices and Masalas During Monsoon Season

Indian food is vibrant, flavorful, and delicious, and the reason for that is the heady mix of spices and masalas that go into every dish. Unfortunately, spices and masalas tend to be quite fickle characters. If not stored properly, they can clump together, or lose their aroma and flavor. 

Especially during the monsoon season, when excess moisture in the air can be detrimental to your spices’ life, it’s important to store them carefully. If you’ve got a stash of nani’s secret spice mix you’ve been hoarding, or some organic masalas you want to keep through the rainy season, follow these tips for food that’s always full of flavor!

Don’t Let the Light In

While cooking in a kitchen full of bright sunlight is definitely optimal, all that light isn’t so good for your spices. Bright light dulls the color of your spices, and can cause the flavor to fade. That doesn’t mean you have to shut the curtains of your kitchen though, just store your masalas and spices in a dark cupboard, or in dark bottles if you don’t have free space elsewhere. 

Keep it Wholesome

Buying your spices whole, and not ground means you can store ‘em for longer. Although it might be a little more of a hassle to grind them yourself, the benefits of retaining those volatile oils responsible for flavor can’t be understated. Try grinding in batches to fill up your bottles if you don’t feel like doing the whole song and dance before every meal. 

Make Sure Your Containers are Airtight

Moisture is not a friend of your spices and masalas. You can be sure that moisture will get in and spoil any color or flavor if airtight containers aren’t used. It also has the added benefit of sealing in flavor, and not allowing flavors to blend in with others. 

Keep Water Away

Any small bit of moisture can ruin your spices and masala beyond measure. Make sure the spoon you use is always clean and dry. Try not having your spice rack near to your sink as droplets could get in and leave your spices clumped up and flavorless. 

Don’t Turn the Heat Up

It can be tempting to put up your spice rack close to where your stove is, for easy access. However, that might not be the best option, as the heat from your stove can build up humidity in the spice jars resulting in a loss of flavor. 

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