Organic Food Industry Gets Coronavirus Boost As Organic Food Sales Rise Globally news

Organic Food Industry Gets Coronavirus Boost As Organic Food Sales Rise Globally

Eating healthy has become the rule rather than the exception in the last year. With no vaccine in sight, COVID-19 has sparked a healthy lifestyle revolution as more people recognise that immunity-building plays an enormous role in keeping you, and your loved ones safe. 

While the sales of other businesses have plummeted, the demand for organic food is soaring. An increased awareness of boons of consuming organic foods has been instrumental in making organic food a hot-selling item on the market. And, it shows no sign of stopping. Research by Ecovia Intelligence expects organic product sales to continue on an upward trajectory even continuing into a post-Covid world. 

Online or Offline, It’s Organic 

With social distancing norms in place, and more people staying home to stay safe, online retailers have reported the highest sales growth. In fact, some retailers, like Whole Foods are limiting the number of its online grocery shoppers because they’re not able to keep up with the demand. A little closer to home, Nourish Organic, an Indian online retailer, chalked up an 30% sales rise in the last month. Online organic retailers have popped up overnight across the subcontinent, as entreprising startups cash in on the boom.

Even in physical stores, stringent emergency measures have benefited organic retailers. Many organic and health food stores have remained open, attracting new customers, and resulting in existing customers to spend more. 

Why Organic

This isn’t just a fad, COVID-19 has boosted awareness on the relationship between nutrition and health. As a result, theres been an increased interest in products like functional fruits and vegetables. Search results for ‘immmunity-boosting’ foods have increased as organic produce is viewed as a healthier and safer alternative to conventional products. 

According to Amarjit Sahota, Founder and CEO of Ecovia Intelligence, “Whenever there is a food scare or a health scare, consumers look at disease prevention and improving nutrition. Organic foods get a sales boost as they are perceived to be healthier and safer than conventional foods.”

However, that doesn’t mean that the interest in organic foods is in any danger of dying out. The demand for organic food is predicted to stay strong, even in a post-Covid world. Previous health scares also caused a spike in the demand for organic food, which was followed by sustained demand for organic products. It’s beginning to seem like once you go organic you can’t go back!

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