Reasons for The Growing Popularity of Organic Food In India news

Reasons for The Growing Popularity of Organic Food In India

Organic farming is growing at an exponential rate in India. People in Indian cities and towns are more commonly opting for organic produce instead of the widely available conventional produce (grown using pesticides and fertilisers). There are numerous reasons for this shift in preferences which we shall take a look at here.  

Realisation of Harmful Impact of Conventional Farm Produce on Human Health  

Traditional farming in India was done using numerous environmentally friendly techniques like crop rotation, natural manure etc which ensured soil conservation.

 It was only post independence that farming practices started changing in our country. Traditional farming was slowly replaced by conventional farming which depended largely on the use of pesticides and fertilisers. While there was a visible increase in the production of fruits, vegetables, grains etc, there were also a lot of long term ill-effects which were not initially visible. In fact there was active encouragement for more of the cultivable land to be covered under conventional farming.

The excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers started leading to the slow degradation of the environment over the course of time. Also residues of both these pollutants started seeping into the farm produce which ended up being consumed by people. Over the course of time this vicious cycle started affecting the health and wellness of people all over the country. Numerous chronic illnesses in adults; birth defects, respiratory illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders issues in children all started slowly manifesting as a result of these pollutants. 

This was when the realisation that the food that was supposed to nourish and heal the body was instead causing it harm sunk in and made a lot of people start taking notice of the kind of food they were intaking. The people who realised this largely belonged to the middle class and richer sections of urban society, who tended to be educated and well read, making them more aware of  the issues of climate change, environment pollution, pesticides etc and the effects these were having on the population the world over.  This was how organic produce (vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses) started becoming popular among this particular segment of the Indian society. 

Over the past few years the growing awareness of the health benefits of organic produce has resulted in other food items being grown organically or produced from organically grown produce (whole and powdered spices, salt, jaggery, tea, cooking oils,  snacks, fruit juices etc). This variety of healthy choices has resulted in many urban people slowly changing their food habits as part of their lifestyle change. As a result nowadays there is a huge market not just for organic produce but organic food as a whole in urban centres.  

Higher Income Levels in Urban Areas

Organic produce tends to be more expensive due to the higher production cost and lesser output ratio compared to conventional produce and this is the reason that only the relatively affluent sections of the urban population are able to afford it. The reason for the higher levels of urban income, compared to that of rural parts of India is the IT boom and the resultant mushrooming of multinational companies in tier1 and tier 2 cities, which led to a rapid increase in the basic income levels of the educated sections of these cities. This affordability factor is another reason urban India is the leading market segment for organic produce.  

 Urban People Starting up Organic Product Lines

The growing awareness of the benefits of organic food has resulted in many people from cities taking up organic farming and also starting production of organic food. Many of these organic product lines have become hugely popular across the country.  

Back to the Roots

People have started to go back to the food that our ancestors ate, so local varieties of rice, wheat, millets, pulses etc are regaining their rightful place in Indian kitchens. It is the urban population which is driving the demand for these produce and the general feeling among this segment is that since they are going back to ancient healthy Indian staples it makes sense to buy the organic version, thus ensuring they get to enjoy all the inherent goodness of the produce without any of the ill-effects.  

These have been the major contributing factors in the urban populace turning increasingly towards organic produce.


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