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Start Your Day The Organic Way!

What’s your morning routine like? No, we’re not talking about your morning ablutions, although what this blog talks about does influence them. Before you leave disgusted, we’ll stop you right there! We’re simply here to share with you how you can begin your day with pure, organic goodness.

Don’t Step Out Before A Workout: A good morning exercise is the first step towards a healthy, organic life and that’s why it’s at the top of this list! There are some super serious perks about beginning your day with a sweat session rather than ending with one. You’ll be active all day, consume fewer calories, burn more fat and will sleep better at night. Most importantly a good workout will uplift you and keep in good spirits, no matter what happens during the day.

Devour An Organic Breakfast:  A healthy workout deserves a healthy breakfast:

Here are 2 organic breakfast options loaded with taste & health to kickstart your day:

Option 1 Organic Oats: Rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, oats are fast becoming a popular breakfast option. Especially Organic Oats in every form - rolled, steel-cut or instant - is known for its high nutritional value and health benefits, mainly 7 of them. We can call it the 007.Organic Oats with 7 super-healthy benefits!

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Builds Immunity
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Stabilizes Blood sugar
  • Improves Weight Loss
  • Regulates Digestion

Best enjoyed with protein-rich organic milk and organic fruits of your choice, organic oats are your go-to breakfast option, especially if you’re in a rush. 

Option 2 -Multi-Millet Sandwich: It’s not news that superfoods like millet have made a big comeback after being pushed away into oblivion in the 2000s by wheat, rice and oil seeds. And it’s here to stay. A sandwich with multi millet bread and farm-fresh vegetables is to die for. Some of the organic vegetables you can use are -  red cabbage, yellow capsicum, tomato, and cucumber. 

You can wash this down with a fresh organic fruit juice or a health drink. if you don't want to give up on your old pal-milk, go for some A2 protein-rich organic milk. While you’re at why don’t you pack some home-cooked lunch. Options - Rice and some organic dal, chapatis with organic vegetables or if you’re going for the healthy home run- try some steamed organic vegetables seasoned with olive oil.

Groom Yourself, Organic Style: After a sumptuous and healthy breakfast,  as you get ready for another day of putting out fires at your workplace, why don’t you try and give your beauty/personal care routine the magic organic touch? Indulge in organic beauty with essential oils and natural elements like mud, charcoal, jasmine, and others assembled in pure 100% organic beauty creams, face wash, and lotions. Nature-rich & chemical-free beauty!

As the days turn into years pass you’ll experience the effects of organic living. Nature’s goodness is timeless and everyone should make the best of it. Remember, there’s a give and take with nature when we embrace an organic life. With every organic choice we make, we ensure the health of the soil and participate in sustaining a healthy food chain the entire; basically we take charge of keeping our ecosystems intact for a sustainable present and future.


Manish Jain


For Over 9+ Years in the industry now we have been obsessed with bringing discovery innovation and adventure to only organic food. For the same reason we have combined our Organic Product Expertise and Knowledge of Farming Methods to bring you a Fresh, Healthy & Tasty range of Organic Products like - Fruits, Vegetables, Desi A2 Milk, Snacks, Groceries, Masalas/Spices, Ready to Eats, Cosmetics & Many More. Our very simple and ample truth is that each and every food been consumed by humans needs to be Organic. We also advocate that particular edible to be certified, authentic , absolutely organic . As we believe only in Ethical Organic & Sustainable farming process to bring a beam on your face.