The Ultimate Guide To Creating Healthy Meals For Toddlers news

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Healthy Meals For Toddlers

Do you remember how your parents used to make small mountains of food or show an imaginary plane or birds to feed you as a kid?

Well, their struggle was real and just like them, every parent faces the challenge of making their munchkins eat a nutritious meal. But with the kind of food that’s available to us, ensuring a nutrient-heavy meal could be tiring.

To start off, you can opt for organic foods that comparatively have a wide range of nutrients and 95% fewer chemicals than non-organic foods.

Studies suggest that kids who ate organic food had fewer incidents of eczema and wheezing. Not just that, they also showed prominent signs of better mental and improved immunity.

While making healthy meals is important, coming up with fun & creative feeding methods is also necessary. So here’s how you can help your toddlers to make the most of their meal:

Introduce foods at an early age

Usually, it takes up to 10 or more tries for the kid to get used to the texture, taste and smell of new foods. So it’s a good idea to start off at an early age. You can do this by being a little creative, below are some ideas:

  • Introduce fruits and vegetables with a small amount of organic honey or jaggery 
  • Give a carrot stick or slice of an apple with hummus
  • Mix chopped organic vegetables with mashed potatoes or rice
  • Add fresh organic fruits with unsweetened curd
  • Add vegetables to a beef stew
  • Make baby trees out of broccoli florets or people out of veggie sticks. Different colours and shapes fascinate kids.
  • Prepare colourful parathas with beetroot or leafy vegetables
  • Make attractive smoothies or milkshakes
  • Offer healthy snacks like celery stick with peanut butter, unsalted popcorn, toast, pitta, chapatti fingers or small cubes of cheese

Eating habits are as important as healthy food

Focus more on how your little one is eating instead of what s/he is eating. In mindful eating, the entire emphasis is on how one is using all the five senses with full awareness while eating. Some habits you can try to inculcate are:

  • Follow the same time every day for meals
  • Teach kids to be grateful for the food
  • Avoid forcing them to complete whatever’s on their plate
  • Let them make their own plate
  • Give them a look at behind the scenes of what they are eating - where is it coming from, who is growing it and how is it reaching their plate
  • Cook with your kids
  • Eating junk food occasionally and in moderation is okay 
  • Screens along with food is a big NO-NO
  • Be a role model and follow the eating habits that you’d like your kids to follow
  • Respect their likes and dislikes
  • Eat together as a family
  • Watch the portion size

Finally, remember that every kid is different and so are their eating habits. These are just general and widely used tips, you can tweak and modify this list according to your need.

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