Wake up to an Organic 2020 news

Wake up to an Organic 2020

It’s 2020! How about a New Year resolution that will make the world a better place? Too much? Well, you’re just one lifestyle away from making that BIG change!
An organic lifestyle will help bring back the lost balance between man and nature-a balance that sustains a giant ecosystem that feeds different species, harbours different desires and nurtures lives.
Such a big change is brought about by small changes.
Let’s see what you can do to steer your life towards a healthier tomorrow for the planet!

1. Get on With an Organic Diet: Cook your favorite dishes with farm fresh vegetables and lentils. Organic food, grown locally, according to the local soil-health and climate, reduces the burden on the soil and one doesn’t need to resort to fertilisers or pesticides. Organic farming practices like minimum tillage, crop-rotation, symbiotic associations and organic fertilisers like compost/manure improves soil formation and structure. It sustains the health of the soil, conserves water and reduces soil erosion and uses less energy. So along with maintaining ecological balance, organic farming brings you chemical-free, pure, nature-fresh vegetables and fruits that keep you and the world healthy!

2. Go natural with Personal hygiene: If you thought eating healthy is enough, think again! Ever wondered why your granny covered her face with mud or used curds on her hair? It’s simple! She trusted nature and nothing else! Herbal oils, mud masks and clay cleansers, green tea lip balms and aloe vera gels make for calming, pure and natural rejuvenation of the body.

3. Use natural products to keep your home clean: In the olden times, mud houses and huts didn’t need extensive cleaning, of course the world was cleaner and free from all the dust and dirt that we are subjected to today, but you can still keep your home clean and germ-free without using chemicals. How do you like the idea of washing your floors with the provitamins of aloe vera or pomegranate? An organic lifestyle is that where you can try and reduce your dependence on chemicals in many aspects of living. And cleaning, a very basic part of living can definitely renounce chemicals, can it not?

An organic lifestyle calls for a lot of changes especially in the modern world which has chosen to overlook ideas and creations that are time consuming and slightly more difficult. Easy and quick are leading the way. But when it comes to nature, it cannot be easy and quick. Nature has a lot riding on her, she has so many species to care for. Won’t it be great if we could enjoy the bounty of nature and by doing so give her a hand in leaving behind a healthy, clean and happy Earth for future generations?
Make 2020 about you and this beautiful planet that we inhabit!


Manish Jain


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