What is the ideal amount of coffee you should consume? news

What is the ideal amount of coffee you should consume?

You wake up on the buzz of your alarm all groggy and bleary-eyed, and to overcome this, you reach out for a good brewed mug of coffee.

This mug of coffee is what suddenly makes the world a better place for you and kickstarts your day. But there are some people who drink coffee and then there are others who basically get drunk on coffee. 

However, millions of people worldwide are totally dependent on this hot beverage to accomplish anything in a day. 

Studies suggest that drinking coffee:

  • Improves your energy level and makes you smarter
  • Lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 30%
  • Fights depression
  • Burns fat

Organic coffee is rich in natural antioxidants that repair your DNA, calm stress-related inflammation and improve the efficiency of insulin-regulating enzymes.

But like everything else, excessive consumption of coffee causes problems like addiction, anxiety and sleep disruption. 

So how much is too much?
The ideal consumption of coffee varies from the amount of caffeine present and how your body reacts to it. There is no thumb rule on the amount just listen to your body’s signals and manage your consumption.

Here are a few ideas to help you manage coffee consumption:

Cut off after 3 pm-
The effects of coffee take time to wear off completely. So see to it that you cut off the intake at least six hours before bedtime, as it can cause sleeping disorders. 

Limit your consumption to the morning hours and utmost by 3 in the noon.

Keep it to four cups a day-
A study suggests that adults should consume around 400 mg of caffeine per day, which equals about four cups of coffee. 

If you have an uncontrollable urge to drink more coffee after 4 cups, switch to decaffeinated or organic coffee.

Reduce intake as the day progresses-
You’re most likely going to need caffeine early in the morning to start off the day.

This is the best time to drink coffee. Later in the day, opt for organic coffee which is comparatively a healthier option.

Use a smaller mug-
When given a choice between a larger and a smaller mug, choose the smaller one to give yourself the illusion that you’re drinking more or a cup full of coffee.

In the end, remember moderation is the key, hence, it is imperative to cut down on too much intake of caffeine in your body. 

While 4–5 cups per day may be optimal, many people can tolerate more than that without any problems. And if you like it and don’t experience side effects, there’s no reason to stop drinking it.

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