Why Choose Organic Jaggery Powder (5 Health Benefits) news

Why Choose Organic Jaggery Powder (5 Health Benefits)

Used since ancient times in Ayurveda for its numerous health benefits, jaggery also known as gur (Hindi), bella (Kannada), vellam (Tamil/Malayalam) is a natural sweetener made from concentrated sugarcane juice. Sugarcane remains the major source of jaggery production In India, though there are some states where other sources like date palm are also used.

While sugarcane juice is the source for both sugar and jaggery, the similarity ends here, for jaggery is an unrefined sweetener while sugar is refined. This means that the production of jaggery follows a very simple and natural process without the addition of chemicals (as opposed to sugar which undergoes numerous chemical processes to gain that pristine white colour). It is this simplification of the production process which makes jaggery a wholesome product retaining all its inherent nutrients and health benefits.

Organic Jaggery Powder

Organic jaggery has the added advantage of being sourced from sugarcane grown without the addition of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. This type of jaggery retains all its inherent goodness in the form of Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals etc which have not been exposed to pesticide contamination. On consumption, the organic jaggery in turn transfers all this goodness to the human body, protecting it from numerous ailments and keeping it healthy.  Let us now take a look at the health benefits of organic jaggery powder.


Health Benefits of Organic Jaggery Powder

  1. Healthy Alternative – The very fact that jaggery is not refined (unlike sugar) and continues to retain Minerals and Vitamins (Vitamin B Complex), definitely makes it a healthier alternative to sugar. The Minerals contained in jaggery are Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Magnesium among others. All these nutrients are reason enough to enjoy a piece of jaggery after lunch or even add it to numerous desserts in lieu of sugar.
  1. Gut Health – Jaggery aides the digestion process by activating the digestive enzymes and ensuring healthy bile production.
  1. Protection from Pollution – Jaggery clears the lungs of smoke and toxins which accumulate as a result of environmental pollution, making it especially helpful in curing and preventing respiratory infections.
  1. Blood Purification – Jaggery also works to cleanse the blood, ridding it of toxins and thereby enabling the healthier functioning of other organs like the heart, kidneys etc. Blood purification also benefits the body’s largest organ - the skin, clearing it of blemishes and giving it a healthy natural glow.
  1. Winter Warmth – Eating jaggery in winter (in moderation) provides the necessary calories to keep the body warm and protected from the cold. Further the antioxidants present in jaggery help strengthen the body’s immunity against seasonal infections.
These are just a few of the numerous health benefits of jaggery. However the very fact that jaggery has been used as a natural sweetener in India for many centuries and plays a prominent role in Ayurveda is reason enough to return to this healthy alternative to sugar. Also opting for the organic version ensures that the purest form of jaggery can be enjoyed just like it has been since time immemorial in India.


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