Why  Organic Food Is Important For Your Child’s Health? news

Why Organic Food Is Important For Your Child’s Health?

To understand how organic farm produce is more beneficial for children we need to first understand the approach adopted by both conventional and organic farming.   

Conventional Farming v/s Organic Farming

In conventional farming practices pesticides are used on a regular basis to protect farm produce from pest and weed infestations. These pesticides while they kill harmful organisms also end up eliminating organisms and nutrients which are beneficial in maintaining soil health. 

Over time the soil ends up losing all its essential nutrients and requires fertilisers to replace these depleted nutrients. Unfortunately due to excessive application of fertilisers, they also end up causing more harm than good. 

Residues of both pesticides and fertilisers end up seeping into the farm produce and when children eat this contaminated produce the harmful pesticides and fertilisers end up in their body. Over the long run this vicious cycle ends up resulting in numerous ailments in children.  

Organic farming is a direct contrast to conventional farming in the sense that it does not use pesticides, fertilisers or other chemical additives in cultivating farm produce. Further by using crop rotation, animal manure and other natural farming methods it ensures the nutrients in the soil are naturally replenished without leaving any harmful residue on the farm produce.

Ill- Effects of Pesticides on the Health of Children

The benefit of chemical-free organic produce can best be appreciated  by first taking a look at the ill-effects pesticide laden conventional produce have on the health of children whose digestive, immune and cognitive systems are still in the development stage making them more susceptible to toxins like pesticides in their food.

Pesticides are mostly composed of strong chemicals which are meant to kill pests and weeds, just imagine the amount of harm these chemicals can cause when they enter children’s bodies! Even though washing farm produce (especially in the case of vegetables and fruits) eliminates most of the toxins, there is still a small percentage which seeps right into the flesh of the produce and cannot be washed away. These toxins when they enter children’s vulnerable bodies end up causing numerous health and development issues like:

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism,  Epilepsy among others
  • Respiratory illnesses like Asthma
  • Childhood Cancer

 The presence of pesticide residue in their body continues to cause other long term health risks as children grow older.  So the only way to ensure their long term health and wellbeing doesn’t end up being compromised is to get children started as early as possible on eating healthy organic produce.

Benefits of Organic Food for Children

  1. Studies have shown that getting children started on organic food results in a significantly lower level of pesticide residue in their bodies within a short time span. This greatly reduces their risk of contracting ailments like the ones mentioned above and enhances their chances of living healthier lives.

  2. The fact that organic produce doesn't have added preservatives to keep them looking picture perfect for longer means you can be assured that what you are buying is fresh from the farm and has retained most of its nutrients. Therefore don’t be put off by the appearance of organic produce, for it is a perfect example of the phrase ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’.

  3. The natural freshness and nutrient rich content of organic produce also tends to make it taste better. It is advisable to get children started on eating organic produce as early as possible, so that they learn to appreciate the natural flavours and in this way make a transition to a lifelong healthy diet.

The fast paced nature of today’s world exposes children everyday to numerous toxins in the environment.  While reducing these toxins is going to take a lot of time and effort on the part of the whole world, it is important that as a parent you take charge of the aspects like food which are within your control. So making a change to organic produce will be the first step in shielding your child from the harmful effects of toxins like pesticide. 


Manish Jain


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