Why Organic Sanitary Pads Will Change Your Life? news

Why Organic Sanitary Pads Will Change Your Life?

How do you dispose of your sanitary napkins or tampons? Do you dump it in the garbage or flush it in the toilet?

Well, most of us roll it in a paper and dump it in the dustbin thinking that the job is done. 

But do you know that one sanitary pad takes around 500 to 800 years to decompose as the plastic used in making is non-biodegradable?

Sanitary pads are made of 90% plastic which is equivalent to four plastic bags. 

Statistics show that 121 million women in India use eight sanitary napkins on an average per menstrual cycle making it 1 million pads generated monthly that result in 12 billion pads produced and disposed of annually.

Geez! That’s some huge ton of carbon footprint that we’re leaving behind.

But how can you save yourself from contributing to these numbers? The answer is Green Menstruation. 

Green or sustainable menstruation refers to the use of environmentally-friendly menstrual products that promote the use of reusable products such as cloth, pads, cups, period underwear and organically-produced biodegradable disposable products.

Organic and biodegradable sanitary pads are made of non-chemical, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable materials such as 100% organic cotton, compostable cellulose, wood pulp, plant starch, corn, bamboo, banana or jute pulp. This makes them fully compostable and you don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint too.

Some of the benefits of considering organic sanitary pads are:

  1. Super-hygienic: Typical pads are made of nasty toxins that could mess up with the pH balance of the vagina. Whereas, organic pads are made from 100% organic products like cotton or wood pulp that help in keeping the vagina dry and ventilated.  

  2. Environment-friendly: Most of the organic menstrual products are made of 100% organic cotton which is grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides. Organic cotton also requires less water and energy to grow. Hence, reducing the resources used to make organic pads and helping them decompose within 2 years of disposal.

  3. No health risks: Sanitary napkins stay in close contact with the vagina for a very long time and vaginas suck in components that come in contact with it. If there are chemicals in your napkin, it could easily get absorbed by the vagina leading to serious health problems. Organic pads being chemical-free pose no health risks.

  4. Breathable: Because of zero plastic content and an absorbent cellulose core that locks away menstrual fluid organic pads are more breathable. They keep you dry and a soft organic cotton cover allows your skin to breathe.

  5. Highly absorbent: While synthetic sanitary napkins dissociate the blood through a chemical reaction, organic pads absorb it. 

A lot of people think organic period products are more expensive than conventional products which is a misconception. While a normal pad costs you around ₹3.75 to ₹5 per pad, an organic sanitary pad costs you ₹4 to ₹7 per pad. 

That’s just a few extra pennies to protect your body, environment, wildlife, farmers and future generations.

Are you ready to spend these extra pennies? Here’s your chance to start.


Manish Jain


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