Insect Repellent

Herbal ant repellent. Also prevents reinfestation. Usage: Spray around areas where ants are visible. Use as required.
Strategi Just Spray is a very effective 100% Herbal cockroach Repellent Room Spray completed from a distinctive mix of plant extracts and fragrant oils which...
How to get rid of termites Switch off the fan and air conditioner and keep windows and doors closed while using the spray and for...
Herbal Fly repellent spray. Extremely effective on flies Usage: Spray all around where flies are visible. Use as required.


Manish Jain


For Over 9+ Years in the industry now we have been obsessed with bringing discovery innovation and adventure to only organic food. For the same reason we have combined our Organic Product Expertise and Knowledge of Farming Methods to bring you a Fresh, Healthy & Tasty range of Organic Products like - Fruits, Vegetables, Desi A2 Milk, Snacks, Groceries, Masalas/Spices, Ready to Eats, Cosmetics & Many More. Our very simple and ample truth is that each and every food been consumed by humans needs to be Organic. We also advocate that particular edible to be certified, authentic , absolutely organic . As we believe only in Ethical Organic & Sustainable farming process to bring a beam on your face.