Bubblenut Wash Dishwash Powder, 250 gm

Bubblenut Wash Dishwash Powder, 250 gm

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Modern dishwasher detergents use chemicals to produce lather, some of which are harmful for both human skin and environment. Chapped hands from doing the dishes are common complaints. Residues of dishwasher detergents on washed plates may result in ingestion of unwanted chemicals with food. Soapnuts are rich in lather producing saponins and are chemical free alternatives for various cleansing needs including dishwashing. They have been used for dishwashing since centuries in many civilizations.

Key benefits are:

Safe no chemical residues on dishes
Gentle on human skin, hypoallergenic and pH 5.5
No more chapped hands from doing the dishes
Low foam formulation uses less water to rinse off suds
Ideal for washing baby’s bottles and dishes
Works well on oily vessels
Adds extra shine to utensils
Environment friendly fully bio-degradable


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