Bubblenut Wash Natural Fruit & Veggie Foam Wash, 500 ml

Bubblenut Wash Natural Fruit & Veggie Foam Wash, 500 ml

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Fruits and vegetables are usually sprayed with pesticides. Additionally some fruits such as apples may have wax coating on the surface to increase their shelf-lives. Some of these unwanted residues are not water soluble and hence need a soap solution to be fully removed. However soaps in the market are unsuitable for washing fruits and veggies as they themselves contain chemicals.

BNW fruits and veggies wash, washes off all pesticide residues from fruit and veggies’ skin, removes synthetic wax coating on apples, Tulsi and Haridra extracts effectively kill germs and sanitize fruits and veggies, Ideal for sanitizing organic veggies and fruits, environment-friendly. Fully bio-degradable

Key benefits are:

Washes off all pesticide residues from fruit and veggies skin
Removes synthetic wax coating on apples
Tulsi and Haridra extracts effectively kills germs and sanitizes fruits and veggies
Ideal for sanitizing organic fruits and veggies
Removes artificial color from surface of skin
Environment friendly, fully biodegradable


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