Bubblenut Wash Pure Soapnut Liquid - Silk & Woolen Wash, 500 ml

Bubblenut Wash Pure Soapnut Liquid - Silk & Woolen Wash, 500 ml

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Regular detergents contain harsh chemicals that can damage silk and woolen fabrics. Dry cleaning silk and woolens can be expensive. BubbleNut Wash contains ‘saponin’ – a natural surfactant extracted from soapnuts that serves as a gentle, natural and economical washing medium for silk woolen and other delicate clothes. It is proven formula used for centuries and perfected by every Grandma in India.

Key benefits are:

Mild on skin. Perfect for washing delicate clothes
Saves huge dry cleaning costs
Gentle on clothes : Doesn’t fade or bleach delicate fabric
Keeps fabric pests away: being a natural pesticide, expensive clothes are less vulnerable to fabric insects and pest attack
Light on environment : After wash water is fully bio degradable and non toxic, and can be used to water plants
Saves water : Does not leave much detergent residue so less water is required to rinse clothes


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