Forgotten Foods Little Millet Madurai Kesaribath, 400g

Forgotten Foods Little Millet Madurai Kesaribath, 400g

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Kesari bath is a sweet Indian food that is popular throughout the country. It originated from Karnataka and is a popular breakfast and festival dish too. The word 'kesari' in Kannada refers to the spice saffron which is used, resulting in its saffron-orange-yellow colored tinge. It is also served along with Upma or Kharabath in equal quantities with coconut chutney in one plate and is popularly known as 'Chow Chow bath'.
In North India it is served as a sweet dish called Sheera or Sooji Halwa which is much simpler with little or no ghee and no Kesar.
It is also widely popular Rava Kesari in Andhra Pradesh.
"Forgotten Foods" Kesaribath is made with rich spices like Cardamom, Cashews and Cloves.
· Contains Ghee
· Diabetic Friendly
· Gluten Free

Why you should have Little millet Kesaribath?
· Good for Constipation and heals stomach related ailments
· Increases Semen Count in Men
· Good for women with irregular periods problems and Postmenopausal women
· Low Glycemic index -- Helps control Blood Sugar Levels
· High in Anti-Oxidants and Phosporus
· Little millet is very good for Thyroid problems

How to cook in just 5 minutes?

Microwave: Add 1.5 measure of water to 1 measure of Kesaribath bath mix, microwave for 5 minutes, mix well and serve hot.

Cook: Boil 1.5 measure of water, add 1 measure of Kesaribath bath mix, cook for 5 minutes on low flame, mix well and serve hot.

Serving suggestions:

Each pack serves 2.
Any amount of contents can be used and the pack can be resealed with zip lock.
Once open store in an air tight container or refrigerate.


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