Frosch Baby Multipurpose Cleaner, 500ML

Frosch Baby Multipurpose Cleaner, 500ML

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Baby dish soap removes effective food rests e.g. milk , baby pulp and others from Babys accessories. Suitable for all kinds of babys accessories (Baby bottles, pacifier, toys, teething ring) The special formula is free of perfumes, preservatives and colourants. Therefore it is hypoallergen and ideal for cleaning babys accessories and for people with very sensitve skin. The product is tested by independet dermatologists.
AREA OF APPLICATION- Baby dishes and accessories, such as baby bottles, pacifiers, teething rings, washable toys. Just one capful (4ml) is enough for 5l of water. In case of heavy soiling, increase the ratio accordingly. Useful tips- The most efficient way to wash your dishes, save water and energy, and protect the environment is not to allow water to run, but dip the dishes and use the recommended dosage. Dishwashing is particularly efficient when there is very little foam.


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