Frosch Dishwashing Balsam Pomegranate, 500ML

Frosch Dishwashing Balsam Pomegranate, 500ML

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It removes powerful grease and dirt from your dishes. The special balmy formula with plant-based surfactants and pomegranate extracts is very gentle to skin. It is is pH-balanced and protects your hands from drying-out. Leaves a soft and velvet feelingon your skin.
Recommended dosage for 5 liters of water- not very dirty- 2ml (half tea spoon) of the product, dirty- 4ml (1 teaspoon) of the product. • Tip- The most efficient way to wash your dishes is to submerge the dishes instead of leaving the water running and use the correct amount. This also saves money and protects the environment. Dishwashing is particularly efficient when a minimum of suds are present.


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