Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Oil, 100ml

Khandige Organic Bhrngamalakadi Oil, 100ml

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Bhrngamalakadi Taila is popular oil ideally suited for regular long term use for head application before bath. It promotes hair growth, acts as a coolant and induces natural sleep especially in stressed conditions. Bhrngaraja ( Eclipta Alba ) is one of the preferred herbs for promoting luxurious hair growth, preventing early graying and baldness.

Prevents dandruff
Promotes hair growth
Prevents premature graying of the hair
Improves and strengthens hair roots
Relieves stress and fatigue

How to use
Sufficient quantity may be used for application on head regularly either before head wash or as hair oil.
Mild finger tip massage on the scalp is suggested after the application of oil.


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