Khandige Organic Brahmi Oil, 100ml

Khandige Organic Brahmi Oil, 100ml

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Brahmi oil is made by using only the purest fresh organic Brahmi grown under pristine conditions, in a Based organic, cold pressed sesame oil. The name Brahmi refers to goddess saraswati, consort of lord brahma & goddess of learning, speech and music. There brahmi herb is celebrated in ancient ayurvedic texts as the best herb for improving tonal quality and mental abilities.

Relaxes and cools the mind
Excellent for tired eyes and good for sleep
Improves scalp health
Good for memory

How to use
Rub the warm oil gently on the scalp and wash off next morning or apply on the scalp and wash off 30 minutes.
For skin, heat rashes, itching apply warm oil and wash off after 20 minutes with herbal powder or gentle soap.


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