Khandige Organic Brahmi Rasayana, 250g

Khandige Organic Brahmi Rasayana, 250g

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Brahmi increases intelligence, longevity, and memory and conversely decreases senility and aging. In this rejuvenative tonic, the jaggery and honey help to fortify the blood, cool the body, and encourage regeneration of tissues, while the ghee acts as a powerful vehicle taking the brahmi deep into the plasma, nerves and subtle tissues.

Each 10gms contains Brahmi(Bocopa Monnieri) Juice , Jaggery, Ghee and Honey.

Memory Booster and a Brain tonic.
Rejuvenates and nurtures the nervous system.
Improves memory, concentration, learning ability.
Beneficial for anger management.
Reduces physical weakness.
Used to treat insomnia(sleeplessness), depression.
Reduces stress and debility.
Useful in anaemia.

How to use
Adults: 1-2 Teaspoon, Children ½ – 1Teaspoon, twice daily preferably after breakfast and dinner followed by a cup of warm milk or water.


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