Oncrop Amaranthus - Seeds

Oncrop Amaranthus - Seeds

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Where To Plant: Amaranth plants grow well richly sunlight, in it needs at least five hours of sunlight a day to do well. While it grows best in moist but well drained soil, it will tolerate somewhat dry soil too.

When To Plant: Amaranth germinates best at soil temperatures around 68 degrees , it’s best to wait until mid- to late-spring to plant. The crop is also intolerant of frosts, so wait until well after the danger of frost has passed.

How To Plant: Scatter the seeds similar to spinach in the container. Cover the seed with soil for about three times the size of the seed. Since the Amaranth seed is just a tiny dot, you would need a very thin layer of soil. Sowing to harvest time is again just 30 days.

Added Benefits: Both the leaves and the seeds of amaranth are valuable in terms of human health. Consume it as a leaf vegetable, a cereal grain, what health benefits you are seeking out. The root itself is also consumed as a root vegetable and has a rich mixture of minerals and nutrients.

Tips: Cut amaranth when it is between one and two feet tall.Just cut the whole stem, maybe six to ten inches above the ground. The stem will reshoot, harvest that again.


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