Oncrop Baby Corn - Seeds

Oncrop Baby Corn - Seeds

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Where To Plant: corn should be grown outdoors in full sun during the summer, but if your space or conditions don't permit it or you'd like to try something different, try growing corn indoors.

When To Plant: If you have the room, we thoroughly recommend growing all or some of your crop under protection

How To Plant: Sow under protection in small pots . Set out plants after all risk of frost and when air temperatures are improving • For good pollination sweetcorn needs to be planted in blocks rather than a single row or two.

Added Benefits: Harvest when tassels begin to turn brown and cobs start to swell. Kernels should be full and milky.Pull ears downward and twist to take off stalk.

Tips: Repeat sowings can be made every two weeks from your first sowing until the end of June, giving you a succession of plants to set out and thus an extension to the cropping season.


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