Oncrop Capsicum - Seeds

Oncrop Capsicum - Seeds

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Period/Seasonal Colour: Capsicum is basically a cool season crop and … given through fertigation for entire crop growth period of 6-8 months.

Height: 10 -12cm (4-5in) tall.

Where To Plant: they can be grown successfully outside in a sheltered sunny spot if the weather is good.

When To Plant: indoors February to March·

How To Plant: Plant in large pots, grow bags or directly into the soil. Provide support. Do not pinch out the growing tip as this will slow cropping

Added Benefits: The carotenoid present in peppers also lowers the risk of macular degeneration and helps maintain healthy vision. The Vitamin C in capsicum encourages immunity and prevents cell damage·

Tips: Pick the first fruits when they are green, smooth and glossy• Leave later fruits to ripen to yellow, orange or red.


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