Oncrop Chilli - Seeds

Oncrop Chilli - Seeds

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Where To Plant: start sowing indoors as early as January – the hottest varieties often need the longest growing period.

When To Plant: January and February are the perfect months to turn up the heat and start sowing some fiery chilli peppers.

How To Plant: Fill your pot with potting mix. Keep approximately 1 inch of empty space between the top of the soil and the rim of the pot.Plant your seeds in the potSprinkle loose compost over the seedsSpritz the seeds with waterMonitor your container for seedling growth.

Added Benefits: Chili peppers, despite their fiery hotness, are one of very popular spices known for their medicinal and health benefiting properties. The chili, actually, is a fruit pod from the plant belonging to the nightshade family.

Tips: When your chillies reach about 20cm tall give them some support by staking with a small stake and secure with garden twine. As they get taller swap the small stakes for a larger cane.


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