Oncrop Cluster Beans - Seeds

Oncrop Cluster Beans - Seeds

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Where To Plant: It is planted after summer in monsoon, during rain when humidity level increases. At this time temperature ranges between 60F-95F (15C-35C), which is the optimum temperature for its growth.

When To Plant: Cluster bean is essentially a warm season crop and grows well in summer as well as rainy seasoncrop.

How To Plant: Choose a sunniest spot of your garden and remove the weeds before planting. Sow seeds ½ to 1 inch deep in loose well drained soil with lot of compost and farm manure mixed in it. Seedlings will germinate in a few days, thin out the healthiest of them 6 inches apart. Water well until the plants establish completely.

Added Benefits: Health benefits of Cluster Beans. Full of Nutrients. Have low glycemic index. Great for Diabetics. Beneficial for the cardio health. Make Bone Strong. Better Blood Circulation. Recommended during pregnancy. Manage Blood pressure.

Tips: Fertilize your plant with 10-10-10 fertilizer after a month of planting, you can also use single super phosphate fertilizer if your soil test indicates lack of phosphorus in soil.


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