Oncrop Menthi - Seeds

Oncrop Menthi - Seeds

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Where To Plant: Fenugreek grows well in warm and hot climate, when temperature ranges from 50 to 90 F (10 C to 32 C). If you’re planting it for seeds, grow it in spring. If you’re cultivating it to use as a vegetable or herb then you can plant it anytime between spring to mid fall.

When To Plant: Fenugreek grows well in spring to early autumn seasons, specially when the … as the new ones, with no change in their colour, taste or flavour.

How To Plant: Fill it with good potting mix. You can use compost, sand and soil too. Sprinkle seeds all over it and add a thin quarter inch layer of soil over them.

Added Benefits: Drinking soaked methi seeds (1 tsf) water in the early morning with empty stomach makes the hair thicker, stronger and brighter. It also aids in the weight loss, removing pimples, relief from lip cracks and etc.

Tips: Plant it in a spot that receives at least 4 hours of sun with shade in afternoon. Do regular watering, let the soil dry out between watering sessions and care not to over-water the plant to save it from root rot.


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