Oncrop Potfill, 1Kg

Oncrop Potfill, 1Kg

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It is an enriched Pot medium for plants
It contains quality fertile soil, sand, coco peat, pottassium humatic powder, plant extract based on Organic fungicide, For Rose plant enricher
Application: Take 20-30 grams while re-poting the plants.
Clean fertile soil for better source-link relationship
Sand for excellent aeration
Helps protect the plants from diseases
Better water holding
Organic fertilizer for home garden
How to use Potfil:
Can be used in flower beds
Used when potting is done fresh or repotting is done
Select a pot with good drainage holes in the base
Fill about one third of Potfil
Loosen the root ball to encourage growth
Put the plant in the center
Fill the pot with potfil tightly
Water the plant


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