Oncrop Snake Gourd - Seeds

Oncrop Snake Gourd - Seeds

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Where To Plant: July and January are highly suitable for cultivation.

When To Plant: Snake gourds grow in tropical regions, so a similar climate is ideal for cultivating snake gourds.

How To Plant: soaking the seeds for two to 12 hours helps activate the germination process. After soaking the seeds, plant them in a moist seed-starting mix in large flowerpots or peat pots. Cover the pots with plastic wrap to hold the moisture in. When the sprouts appear, usually within 10 days, remove the plastic wrap.

Added Benefits: Snake Gourd contains a rich variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for human health, protein.

Tips: Harvest snake gourds when young, around 40-50 days from planting. The long varietals may then be ready when only 16-18 inches, while the shorter cultivars will be around 6-8 inches in length.


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