Oncrop Yard Long Beans - Seeds

Oncrop Yard Long Beans - Seeds

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Where To Plant: Long beans need full sun, to do well. They need a long, warm period to grow and start setting flowers, so don't be surprised if they don't take off until the temperature heats up and stays there.

When To Plant: Long beans prefer warm summers for maximum production.

How To Plant: Sow seeds about 1 in. deep, spaced about 6 in. apart. In warm zones, you can succession plant 2 to 3 times, at 2 week intervals, and also plant a late summer or fall crop.

Added Benefits: Health benefits of yard long beans. Yard-long beans are one of the ancient cultivated crops. Young, immature pods are one of very low calorie vegetables; 100 g beans contain just 47 calories.

Tips: keeping the beans harvested, the biggest maintenance is keeping the plants watered. While they are somewhat drought tolerant, prolonged dry spells will make the pods tough and they won't grow as long as they should.


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