Pristine Ragi - Baby Cereal With Milk, 300g

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Baby cereal made with organic ingredients
For the age group: 6 months- 24 months
No added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Pre -cooked and easily digestible.

Directions for use:
Wash hands and vessels properly
Sterilize bowl & spoon (by placing them in boiling water for 5 minutes).
Boil drinking water for 5 minutes and allow to cool.
Add recommended quantity of water gradually, stirring continuously to make a smooth mixture.
Use prepared food within half an hour otherwise microbial deterioration may set in.
Discard unused food.

Storage conditions:
On opening the pack immediately transfer into a clean, airtight and dry container along with the pouch. Always close lid tightly after every use. After opening use the contents within one month. Retain the feeding instructions.


Manish Jain


For Over 9+ Years in the industry now we have been obsessed with bringing discovery innovation and adventure to only organic food. For the same reason we have combined our Organic Product Expertise and Knowledge of Farming Methods to bring you a Fresh, Healthy & Tasty range of Organic Products like - Fruits, Vegetables, Desi A2 Milk, Snacks, Groceries, Masalas/Spices, Ready to Eats, Cosmetics & Many More. Our very simple and ample truth is that each and every food been consumed by humans needs to be Organic. We also advocate that particular edible to be certified, authentic , absolutely organic . As we believe only in Ethical Organic & Sustainable farming process to bring a beam on your face.